About Kingwood UMC

Kingwood United Methodist Church was the first Methodist Church in Hunterdon County. Although it was founded in 1816, its roots to Methodism actually go back another 3 decades before that. In 1787, America’s first Methodist Bishop, Francis Asbury, came to the Kingwood area. He stood upon a rock and preached to the multitudes gathered. Today, that rock is affectionately called “Pulpit Rock” and is about a quarter mile from where the church stands today.

Throughout its history, three churches have stood on this historic ground. The first one built when our country was still young and when one of the requisites of admission to the church was affirming allegiance of loyalty to the constitution of the United States. The present building was built in 1860. At the time, it was adorned with very high steeple and a heavy pillared front portico. After a severe storm in 1878, the steeple became unsafe and it was necessary to remove it.

Pastor Peter Mantel blessing a patron during their bicycle event.

The Rich History of Kingwood United Methodist Church

Kingwood United Methodist Church has a rich history in Hunterdon County, with roots dating back to the late 18th century.

A Tradition of Community Support

Today, Kingwood UMC’s reputation is known for its delicious roast beef dinners. A Kingwood tradition for more than 50 years, the church’s dinners are now proudly used to support local organizations such as the Kingwood Fire Department, Rescue Squad, Parks and Recreation and more! Traditional worship services are at 9:00 AM each Sunday morning.