About Frenchtown UMC

Frenchtown United Methodist Church has been a part of the Frenchtown community for over 175 years. Located at 16 Third Street, the church proudly seeks to build relationships within its community to welcome all people. In 2018, the Frenchtown UMC participated in the community’s PRIDE day by having its worship service at Sunbeam-Lenape Park, offering welcome and love to all.

Months later, when a tragic fire destroyed two beloved businesses and left several homeless, it was the United Methodist Church that stepped up and served as a central drop off point for relief for all of the victims. In all, the church collected and distributed over $31,000.

Pastor Peter Mantel blessing a patron during their bicycle event.

Discover a Community of Love and Support

Frenchtown United Methodist Church has been a cornerstone of the community for over 175 years, dedicated to building relationships and welcoming all people.

Join Us for Annual Soup Sales and More!

The church is known throughout the community for its annual soup sales around Election day, Bastille Day Quiche Breakfasts, and more. Traditional Worship Services are at 11:00 AM on Sunday mornings.